With the title ”The Feminine Dandy” we tribute a dual ambiance of masculinity vrs femininity.
A nod to the classic tailored men’s wardrobe, where sartorial fabrics are juxtaposed to a cool and modern femininity. The silhouette is elongated and feminine, with details emphasizing on drapes and pleats.
Fabrics and textures brings life to The Feminine Dandy, by man-ish checks and pinstripes, mixed with floaty and drapy qualities. Velvety shine and hairy tactility brings us a glimpse of a modern decadence.
Within a fundament of graphic boldness, this season´s artworks; abstract geometry, artistic stroke and zebra, besides front printed tee´s, brings energy and edge to the collection.
This season's color palette is tones of warm reds, followed by spicy mustard, midnight petrol, olive green, and dark brown, within a graphic base of black and white.