Bruuns Bazaar spring summer 2015 show in Copenhagen. Celebrating 20 years in fashion.

A new take on tailoring

The easy styling known from the world of sports with shiny, lightweight materials and an offbeat mix of textures, raw hems and suiting carefully put together form the key philosophy behind the autumn winter 2014 collection.

Brushed mohair knits with feather-light lingerie. Quilted silk in a toned and delicate colour scale turned into statement skirts and cosy knits. Athletic leather pieces are mixed with shiny fabrics. Heavy knits clash delicately with sporty lace – a combination that defines the essence of the collection and sets a casual tone. Styles with coated and visible zippers show a more coarse interpretation of classic tailoring.

The prints are blurred and dreamy like a long and rare night with no ending. An almost hazy print from an antic kimono works perfectly on a clean-cut sweater. The imperfect scribbles work as tiny mysteries complementing and stressing the collection’s signature.

Colours are nightshade dark toned with splashes of bright blue and olive green. Nude and stormy grey reveal a soft and pensive attitude.

Chunky and structured knit styled with straight leather skirts and a glance of a silk chemise. Easy pants with elastic waistband combined with long coats with slits ad a wearable yet elegant finish to one of winter’s key items. Intriguing layers reveal different stories in the collection.Compositions are kept uncomplicated and modern.

Bruuns Bazaar AW14 show